Counterfeit drugs pose a significant public health issue in our regions, causing numerous deaths each year due to their poor quality.

At Servier, we are committed to providing patients with access to high-quality care by ensuring the quality of our medicines from production to transportation in over 150 countries worldwide.

Servier’s quality stands out on several levels:

Our active ingredients are manufactured in France, within our production facilities. We regularly undergo audits conducted by external organisations to guarantee the optimal quality of our products for patients.

We are dedicated to a continuous improvement approach in our production processes to ensure the highest possible quality for our active ingredients.

The packaging of our medicines is specifically designed to withstand the tropical climate conditions of the African continent, thus ensuring their effectiveness. Our caps absorb moisture to preserve the integrity of the active ingredients, while our watertight pill containers are made with materials adapted to our regions.

Finally, we are committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs

Through our actions, we strive to leave future generations a world in which everyone has a fair access to high-quality healthcare.